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The Park Estate - Nottingham
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Register with The Park Neighbourhood Watch Website

Please register with our website to receive Park and Neighbourhood Watch email alerts. You will also be able to report any crime and anti-social behaviour you see or hear within The Park. Registration is restricted to NPEL members, residents of The Park, and those who work within The Park. On completion of this registration, which requires you to verify your email address (check your in-box for email after submitting), you will have limited access for 14 days.

If you do not receive a confirmation email for your 14 day limited access, please check you have filled in your email address correctly on the registration page by logging in with the Username and Password you chose.

A user verification password letter will be hand delivered to you by your local Police Beat Manager, or by the NPEL Management Team. Simply login with these details within the 14 days and you will then have full access to The Park Neighbourhood Watch, and also to additional features.

Perhaps you may even wish to create your own
street scheme within The Park Neighbourhood Watch, sharing local issues and knowledge with your neighbours?

If you know somebody who you think would like to be part of The Park Neighbourhood Watch, but they do not have internet access, please still ask them to join.  The NPEL will register any NPEL member or Park resident at their request, either at The Estate Office or via the phone (User verification will still be required).  Please
The Estate Office for more details.

Protecting your Private Data

Detailed below is a brief outline of the details we require and exactly what we will do with your data. Please be assured that we will not pass your details onto any third party and you will not be sent messages or contacted if you do not want to be.

Information required ("Your details")

You will be asked for your title, name, address, role and the area in which you reside, various telephone numbers and an email address. If you choose to receive alerts you will be asked to detail when you would like to receive them and how. Not all of this information is compulsory but the more information you give, the better we will be able to provide you with relevant and up-to-date information.

Only bona fide residents within our coverage area are able to gain full access to this service, so we will verify both your email address (by sending a message with a link that you need to click on), and your postal address by writing to you with an activation code that you will be required to enter when you log in.

It is very important that “Your Details” are regularly checked and kept up-to-date.

“Your Details” will be available to the “Site Administrators” who are: The Nottingham Park Estate Limited, Nottinghamshire Police, VISAV Limited (system builders) and Neighbourhood Watch (as defined by the Home Office and represented locally by the City of Nottingham Neighbourhood Watch Council (CNNWC). The Site Administrators are governed by and adhere to, the principles and regulations defined by the UK Information Commissioner enacting the Data Protection Act 1998.

We will keep all personal details on a secure server and will not provide these details to any unauthorised individuals. We will take reasonable and appropriate steps to protect your personal information that you share from unauthorised access or disclosure.

How we will use your details

The Site Administrators will use your data for the following reasons and not for any other purpose.

  • The prevention and increased detection of crime and reduction of fear of crime
  • Manage and maintain a secure database and mailing list
  • Send Neighbourhood Alerts: community safety messages and communications at the times you specify, from The Nottingham Park Estate Limited, Nottinghamshire Police and Neighbourhood Watch. Other Information Providers may, in the future, be available to subscribe to but information will not be shared or disclosed to them that would enable any third party to identify you.
  • Provide information about the Neighbourhood watch activities, meetings and events.
  • Contact NW Coordinators regarding additional NW matters such as inviting to be prospective members of the Council of the Association, participating in NW or NPEL business and elections, etc

Please complete the following information to register
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